Single No Mingle

So, you are single and ready to "mingle." At least that's what the world says. A single person is supposed to mingle around with other people until they find the right one. Date strangers, sleep with strangers, and all the rest. It's only just a lie our society has drilled into our heads. You might even be one of those people who is desperately praying day and night for God to give you a relationship because you "know" that you need one right now. You just want someone to be with and spend time with, you just need someone. Well, at least that's what you think.

I've been at that point before. I've been stuck chasing strangers on my own without God by my side. You put all your focus on someone new in your life. Meanwhile, you have a beautiful and loving God longing to be close to you. It's a horrible position to be in because you spend all your time either mingling, wishing, or complaining. That's how it goes a lot of the time when you're single. You only think about "what could be" and what you desire, but God has been put to the side. That's pretty stupid of us though, right?

The Bible says, "He made their hearts, so He understands everything they do" (Psalm 33:15). God made us. He knows every aspect of our hearts and what we need day to day. The problem is that we've believed the cultural lie to "mingle," and do it on our own. It's something like a disease. We don't need God to help us look. We've got this, we will find the right person. In the end though, we won't. We need God. All that time that you're searching, looking, and mingling is time you could be spending with Him. You could be hanging out with God every day. He wants to change your heart and wants you to trust Him. As you do that and remain close to Him, slowly He will lead you to the person you keep wishing for.

Another thing, the person God has for you is a million times better than the one you're dreaming up for yourself. The moral of my little story is this....We can't believe the lie to mingle around with strangers when we are single because if we do, we are missing God's best. Stop complaining and just chase God. As time goes on, one day He may just introduce you to the one you've been praying for. Use your time wisely. You can't do it on your own. You need God and His presence in order to get the best relationship. It's not the time to mingle, it's the time to chase God so that in a few days, weeks, months, or even years, He can give you something beyond your dreams.