Ignite is a free one night concert & outreach event, hosted by Evangelist Matt Brown of Think Eternity, where thousands of families and individuals from across Northwest Arkansas will gather to hear the gospel and worship the King. Ignite follows in the footsteps of faithful leaders like Billy Graham, Luis Palau, and our friend Greg Laurie, who partner with local churches, to stir up communities for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How Can Churches Get Involved?

We would love for your church to be involved in Ignite in a significant way. Whether you want to make this a congregation-wide initiative, or promote it to specific identity groups, we want to get you the resources, materials and information you need to help this be a special catalytic event for your church.

Pastor Launch Event -

Thursday, February 14th

We will have a special “Pastor Launch Event” on Thursday, February 14th at Cross Church Pinnacle Hills campus. RSVP now and receive a half dozen brand new church leadership books from our friends at Zondervan.

Come hear from our friend Mark Mittelberg, best friend of Lee Strobel, bestselling author, and one of the most effective outreach leaders we know. He will encourage you in mobilizing your church for evangelism and outreach toward Ignite, and far beyond. You will not want to miss the chance to hear from him.

Steps toward church involvement

Here are some great ways to get your church involved to extend the impact of this powerful, free event to your congregation:

  1. Invite your congregation to the facebook event page and ask them to invite their friends

  2. Download and share the slide at your weekend church services

  3. Print and place the Ignite poster and flyers at your weekend services

  4. Share Ignite invites on your church-wide social media and email list.

  5. Invite your church to be praying for friends who need to hear the hope of Jesus, and to then invite and bring them to Ignite.

  6. Invite your church prayer teams to pray with us for the impact of Ignite on both the region, as well as your own congregation.

We are honored to partner

with Cross Church & pastor Ronnie Floyd

We are extremely honored to partner with Pastor Ronnie Floyd and his congregation. Cross Church has 4 campuses and is serving the community in 19 different sites. Their reach in Northwest Arkansas and around the world is making an eternal difference in the lives of thousands.

And we know that your church is making an eternal difference as well. This special night wouldn’t be possible without many churches coming together from different backgrounds around the gospel, and igniting hope into the community.